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Myofunctional TherapyIT'S ALL IN THE TONGUE

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Myofunctional Therapy

What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional Therapy is a series of simple, quick exercises that strengthen the tongue. It will be required before tongue-tie surgery as well as after, where the focus will be on the tongue’s resting position, chewing and swallowing, and a continued emphasis on strengthening. The older you are, the longer you’ve had to develop compensations so it will require patience to relearn how to do things you have done your whole life without much thought.

For a knee surgery, you’d likely see a physical therapist. That same approach is true for the tongue…

Myofunctional Therapy is an essential component in the journey to an optimal airway. From the day we are born, we develop habits that continue throughout our lives—some habits are good, others are not. They eventually become engrained in our brains over a period of time, and the not-so-good habits require us to retrain our brains if we want to truly change behavior.

For infants, this means behaviors such as proper suction and swallowing, as well as nasal breathing, can have lifelong impacts on growth and development.

Is Your Child Suffering From?

  • Speech issues
  • Mouth breathing
  • Difficulty eating and swallowing
  • Dental complications like open bite, tongue thrust, etc.

Let us help you!

Working with an Untethered Myofunctional Therapist allows you to retrain your brain.

Through a series of simple exercises, you or your child will soon be on the path to new patterns and behaviors that support greater wellness. Better posture, improved muscle tone and much, much more can be accomplished with these straight-forward exercises.

​The presence of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs) can often go unnoticed. Breathing, swallowing and our tongue’s resting position are just something we are born knowing how to do, after all.

Not quite…

OMDs develop in our face and the muscles of our mouth, and if left untreated, can contribute to many challenges.

These include speech issues, poor mouth posture resulting in mouth breathing, difficulty eating and swallowing, dental complications such as an open bite, tongue thrust, and even poor facial aesthetics. Over time, OMDs contribute to disordered breathing and the onset of associated problems.


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