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Our StoryAn unparalleled dedication to better breathing for everyone!



We are passionate about better breathing for everyone. As a fully dedicated airway center, we serve infants and children to teens, adults and everyone in between.

Our approach to breathing and wellness is functional and we believe in the collaborative nature and alignment with your entire care team. This can include ENT, primary care physician, pediatrician, physical therapist, chiropractor, lactation consultant, and many others.

Our office is located in Milwaukee, WI, and we serve patients from across the Midwest including Milwaukee’s eastside and northshore communities (Shorewood, Fox Point, Glendale, Whitefish Bay and Bayside), Mequon, Wauwatosa, Menomonee Falls, Brookfield, and the Milwaukee Metro area.

Don’t Stress it!


We understand that the path to wellness can, ironically, be very stressful. At Untethered, we have intentionally created a setting where you can feel comfortable learning and equipping yourself with all of the most important information.

In addition, Dr. Graham is known widely for her compassionate, caring approach. As a mother, aunt, and airway patient herself, she is able to empathetically educate and guide. 

No question is too simple for Dr. Graham, and she is committed to an atmosphere that puts families and patients at ease.

The Breathe Institute

Expect more in airway health

What Makes Us Different?


If you suspect you may suffer from an airway issue, disordered sleep, or a tongue tie, a great place to start is with a consultation (either in our beautiful Untethered office in Milwaukee, or online via a virtual, telehealth consultation). 

During your initial consult, Dr. Graham will assess your tongue’s range of motion, your oral and facial structure as well as review your history and symptoms. She will answer all questions and advise you on best next steps that very well may NOT be intervention! 

Please contact us with any questions, as we’re here and ready to help you.

Our Office

2524 E Webster Pl
Suite 201a
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Phone (text us!)

Phone/Texts: 414.935.8460
Fax: 414.209.7410


Contact Us

If you, or someone you love is experiencing difficulties with breathing, sleeping, speech, breastfeeding, or other important functions, reach out to us and we will work together to alleviate them. Our compassionate team is eager to do all we can to help.

Prior to contacting us, please read through our curated FAQs and resource videos. These may help answer your initial questions.

Still have questions? Contact us!

If You’ve Been Redirected from the Untethered Airway Health Centers site, we’re glad you’re here. This site features more specific information about the airway health services provided by Dr. Meggie. Please take your time to explore and find out how we can assist you further.